How to create a multi-pin Google map

There are lots of on-line tools that offer the creation of digital, embedded multi-pin maps, for a modest or sometimes hefty monthly fee.  Save your money!  This feature is freely available from Google Maps and fit for most purposes. These instructions below are the best I’ve found on-line on how to create and share your[…]

Responsive Accordion: WordPress Designer Series

The first installment our WordPress Designer Series features a handy little layout tool perfect for those common FAQ pages. Many websites feature an FAQ page for good reason.  Prior to the explosion of social media where people shoot random question at customer service bots, web surfers used to do their own research.  The Frequently Asked[…]

Sources of Free Stock Photography

Great imagery can make or break a design, whether it be a presentation, website,  poster, brochure, blog post, etc.  I get asked this question quite regularly so definitely worth a top-post. (Newly added to the top of our list) (Technically imagery, not photography) (And one[…]

Happy Small Business Week

Dear Small Business Owner, We thank you! We thank you for all your hard work, as endless as it may seem.  We thank you for your attention to detail, your dedication to satisfied customers and supporting your local community.  We thank you for keeping Main Street alive.  We thank you for showing the younger generation[…]

NEW: One-Page Business-Card Websites

Many things start anew in January.  Working with new business owners over the years, we’ve noted that January is the most popular month to start a new business or take that next big step. To help our cost-conscious entrepreneurs, we’ve launched a brand new micro-website offering specifically targeted towards eager start-up and first time website[…]