Website for Moonflower’s in Stouffville

Moonflower’s Metaphysical Store & Healing CentreWebsite for Moonflower's in Stouffville located in Stoufville provides an array of spiritual, holistic & nature focused products, services & events.  To reach an ever growing and diverse clientele they wanted to update their web presence to better reflect the full array of new products, services and frequent events at their new location.  The website would complement their already existing strong social following as a central location for key information.

With an active event schedule they needed a website that was very easy to update so that new events information could be published regularly with very little effort.  The site also need to be SEO optimized, easy to navigate, allow users to quickly find the information they needed and of course mobile friendly.  The WordPress CMS platform was a perfect framework for their requirements.  Portage Design work with Moonflower’s to build a website that matched the new marketing materials soon to be available to customers in-store.