NEW: One-Page Business-Card Websites

Many things start anew in January.  Working with new business owners over the years, we’ve noted that January is the most popular month to start a new business or take that next big step. To help our cost-conscious entrepreneurs, we’ve launched a brand new micro-website offering specifically targeted towards eager start-up and first time website[…]

Web Design for The Rampant Chef

The Rampant Chef was looking for a way to take their burgeoning business to the next-level.  As part of a 2016/2017 business growth and marketing plan, an awesome website was a must have on their list.  The website features a live feed from The Rampant Chef Instagram feed so that their website can easily stay[…]

Our Latest Website Design – DECORIA

DECORIA is a one-stop destination for customized home staging, organizing, downsizing and design solutions serving the GTA and townships to the north. At Portage Design we were very excited to work with the keen design eyes of Marcella & Barbara from DECORIA to design their website.  The results are below or visit their site to[…]

The Internet Revolution – Great Advice for Entrepreneurs from BDC

[youtube=]   Some great consumer & business Internet usage facts and smart reasons for investing to ensure that your business has an optimal Internet presence.  Portage Design can assist with all facets and technical details of following of the above mentioned steps.  We advocate and nearly identical process.  Contact us to learn more and get[…]