SEO Efforts = SERP Ranking RESULTS

Working with a client of ours over a 6-week period, Portage Design’s SEO efforts were able to improve our client’s website from a SERP ranking of 29 to a SERP ranking of 2 for the highly competitive keyword of “Whitby Realtor“.  (Real-estate update: TREB Toronto Real Estate Board posts 14.9% increase in number of sales during the first two weeks of February 2015, versus the same two weeks last year in 2014.)

SEO Results

These are actual results as measured by an independent SERP tool over this 6-week period.  (An independent tool is always necessary in measuring such results as your personal search & browser history, as well as geographical location may affect individual search results from your PC.)

SEO – Search Engine Optimization – the act of optimizing a website for search engine visibility & improvements in search engine’s “natural” or unpaid “organic” search results [1]

SERP – Search Engine Results Page – is the listing of results returned by a search engine in response to a keyword query. [2]


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