Responsive Accordion: WordPress Designer Series

The first installment our WordPress Designer Series features a handy little layout tool perfect for those common FAQ pages.

Many websites feature an FAQ page for good reason.  Prior to the explosion of social media where people shoot random question at customer service bots, web surfers used to do their own research.  The Frequently Asked Question format is a great way to address common queries and present information that otherwise might be challenging to contextualize.   And while the narrative format is very help, the content display can be challenging.

After a while, even a modest sized list of FAQs can become a very long page requiring with lots of scrolling.  Finding one question in among the mix can be a visual challenge.  Enter the all familiar accordion style FAQ.  By hiding all answers by default, typically the page length will be reduced by at least 50% or more.  Allowing website visitors to expand and collapse questions at will permits a satisfyingly simple page interaction.

The Accordion FAQ WordPress plugin by wpshopmart is a great tool for the task.  It allows for quick and simple creation of the Q&A list, and easy access shortcode to embed into any post or page.  The free version comes with the some basic setting & styling options.  If you’re handy at CSS you can make further tweaks via your site’s Appearance Custom CSS section.  For a full array of pre-defined styles and detailed controls, check-out the paid version.  This plugin receives the Portage Designer’s Recommendation and has been used in some of our recent website designs.

Accordion FAQ