Realtor Web Design with Realigin IDX Platform Realtor website by Portage Design Realtor website by Portage Design

Real estate is a very competitive market, both in terms of property and Realtors.  As buyers and sellers progress from the initial pondering, serious consideration, and market entry stages, their first major step is often the hunt for a local professional Realtor®.  There are many factors one might consider in searching for a qualified agent: past experience, referrals for friends/co-workers/family, local market success and prominence, effective advertising, to name a few.  In this client consideration of potential agents stage, the Realtor is marketing their services to the prospective buyers and sellers.

As with any business, the principles of marketing on the Internet hold every true, if not even more so important.  Consider the following motivation for Realtors to ensure their Internet presence is at the top of their game.  Thereby showing their prowess as an effective marketeer and communicator in the digital age, skills that will translate in the marketing of their real estate property for sale.

  • Online property browsing is how most property owners start their initial personal consideration.  What are housing in my area currently listed for?  What are housing I want currently selling for?  These answers are a short 1-minute away via their local multiple listing service (MLS).
  • If they don’t have a per-existing personal experience or trustworthy referral, where do you think most new market entrants are finding their potential Realtors?  Google.  Once the Internet searching begins, the SEO rank is going to strongly dictate the number of page view, clicks and potential web-based leads & buyer/seller client conversions for Realtors marketing themselves on the web.
  • A first impression of a Realtor will often be based on a 5-second glance at the Realtor’s website.  How efficiently do your site convey your marketing message, your image & market differentiation?  How web savvy is this Realtor who will be marking my property?  Is their site worth of the title “Web 2.0”, or more reminiscent of the ol’school Webcrawler days. With commissions in most competitive areas being relatively standard with very little room for negotiation, for once price, (the commission rate) is often not a key or deciding factor.
  • To get the website visitor to take the next step, where’s the lead capture, the call-to-action, value proposition, and a collection of value-add relevant content on common FAQs the client is already considering.
Location aware property maps.

Location aware property maps.

The Realigin platform is a powerful system for real estate representatives and brokerages. In addition to being a modern website Content Management System (CMS) & Lead Management System (LMS), it also is a powerful Internet Data Exchange (IDX) system that allows shared MLS listing to appear on a Realtor’s own website.  This is a proven new client marketing and existing client searching tool that drives functional value from the Realtor’s own website.  The Realign system is fully responsive and allows for the beautiful design of website that work well on every platform, from PC, tablet & smartphone.

Ian Gibson Realtor® in Durham Region recently working with Portage Design to port his website over to the latest Realigin platform.  Some key advantages over the previous version of his site included:

  • IDX feed of MLS data
  • IDX data display in handy map grid (location! location! location!)
  • And efficient and easy to use Content Management System
  • fully responsive and mobile friendly
  • SEO optimization for boost local search rank