Digital Marketing


Start a conversation, engage with customers, attract a crowd!


Social Media Marketing

Social platforms present a great opportunity for businesses to interact with existing & potential customers.  By leveraging social media platforms as part of your business’s digital marketing strategy you can advertise to target markets, stay connected with existing customers, receive digital referrals & demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services will ensure that your website is easily & prominently found by potential clients looking for relevant products and services.  Learn more on our SEO page.


Local Search & Campaigns

Many types of businesses primarily serve & focus on specific geographic markets.  To ensure the maximum return on investment for marketing & SEO efforts, local optimization is key to tapping into a local market audience.

Email Campaigns

Email is an efficient means of keeping touch with existing leads or customers.  The goal is to inform, remind & create awareness valuable messages and never to nag or over-sell.  Marketing communications via email must follow strict guidelines to ensure legal compliance, (CASL & CAN-SPAM), to avoid potential fines and reputation damage.  Following industry best-practices we guide our clients through the process of setting up and conduction fully compliant opt-in based mass email campaigns.


Pay-Per-Click Advertising

A variety of marketing platforms offer a low-cost and efficient means to delivery advertisement to specific target markets and search engine users. We offer our clients full campaign management that always adheres your marketing budget with our no risk pre-paid payment plans.


Graphic Design

Attractive, professional imagery & visual design is always a key component of effective communication, marketing and advertising.  Style, colour, layout, contrast, to name a few, are always top on mind when our in-house designers set out to create pleasing visual designs.

Lead Capture and CRM

The process of acquiring leads and nurturing them through the sales funnel enables successful businesses to predictably grow sales volumes.  Once a lead has become a customer, the relationship management aspect with each customer is equally if not more so important.  Lead Capture & Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can assist your business with these key processes.  We work with customer to select the best software solution for their business and integrate it with their website & digital marketing efforts.